Developing Creativity

Gibraltar High School students took part in an Exposure to Creativity workshop. These students were gathering items to take pictures of for the Dark Room Photography.

Down in the depths of the dark room with a smell that would make anyone nauseous, there are creative photos being developed that will last a lifetime. Coming down the stairs, the smell isn’t what draws people in; it’s the foreignness of it all.

Walking into the room, it’s almost like a murder scene. The class walked through 2 sets of doors to keep out any light before they reached a very dark room with a faint red light and the sound of constantly running water.

The teacher, Suzanne Rose, was very nice and quite laid back. The class thought it was a little ironic how she decided to wear all black.

Alexa Ferrie, a freshman at Gibraltar, said, “This is new and fantastic. I like this, this is cool,” when we asked her about her experience so far. Andrew Holdmann, the high school history teacher, exclaimed that, “This is a unique experience for Gibraltar to have. It sets our school apart from others.”

The chemical baths involved are an exact science and require a lot of patience and perfection, something the students weren’t showing to have. But when the students did put in time and effort, they got a photo to cherish forever.