Dickinson Poetry Event Highlights Redell

Jack Redell, Egg Harbor, will share his sometimes earthy, always poignant poetry October 13, 7 pm, in the next Dickinson Poetry Series event at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Ephraim.

Born and raised in Chicago, John Patrick Redell worked as a construction engineer/surveyor for 30-some years before retiring to live most of the time in Door County. His schooling early on was mostly engineering that left little room for the more artistic endeavors.

On his own in the 1950s, he became interested in science fiction and then discovered the writings of the Beats. When he realized that writing didn’t have to be as structured as he had previously been taught, he began experimenting with words more extensively in the 1960s. Nothing seemed to impress his friends at that time, so he let things simmer until he retired. The quietness of a less hectic lifestyle is more conducive to the hobby of writing than the hectic madness of the big city life.

His attempts at writing often lead to dark places that he blames on his cynical and skeptical view of contemporary life. Reading in public for less than two years, he feels “That with a little more practice and hanging out with established poets, I will eventually achieve international fame!”

An open mic opportunity will follow Jack’s reading as well as a reception at the conclusion. Copies of the UUFDC-published No Breath Is Lost, a compilation of poems from last season’s Dickinson Series, is available for purchase.

The Dickinson Poetry Series is held the second Wednesday each month offering an opportunity for both experienced and new poets to share their works. It is free and open to the public. The UU Fellowship is located at 10341 Hwy. 42, Ephraim. For more information visit our website at