Did You Know…and Do You Have…?

Did you know that a film production crew has set up shop in Door County? Feed the Fish – an independent film about a down on-his luck children’s book author rejuvenated by a journey to Wisconsin’s northwoods – is filming in February at locations throughout the county.

And, they can use your help. The art department for the film has put out a call for props and is looking for some help in fleshing out their needs. If items on the list below are hard for you to come by but you would still like to assist in the project, anyone looking to help the art department decorate and build sets would also be appreciated.

Do you have…

Truck with snowplow

Old working truck

Shuttle bus ( large 4 row van)

Snow blower

Snow shovels

Leaf blower

Ice auger (powered)

Small black unwanted working toaster

1 fake Christmas trees, 6 feet and up.

Christmas decorations

Christmas lights

2 old lawn chairs

banker boxes

animal, fish, bird paintings, pictures

weather vane, prefer metal ( that holes can be shot into)

drop cloth, plastic

poster boards

2ʼ x 4ʼ chicken or any kind of light garden wire, could be pieces

Small 2ʼx2ʼ kitchen or corner table

Hockey sticks

Curtain rods

Pieces, odds and ends of gas pipes

tar paper

Plain brown cardboard boxes, medium size

different sizes of throw rugs



1/4" 4ʼx4ʼ piece of plexiglass

1" thick plexiglass, any size, up to 4ʼx8ʼ

If you are able to help with any of the above items please contact Julie Ziah, art director, at 847.502.8575 or email [email protected]; contact Ryan Zanow, props deparment, at 715.697.9562 or email [email protected]; or contact Lindsey Vander Wielen, production coordinator, at 262.384.1062 or email [email protected].
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