Director Needed for Isadoora Theatre Company 2016 Production

Isadoora Theatre Company is looking for directors as it plans its first production for early summer 2016, Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain.

Three Days of Rain was commissioned and produced by Orange County California’s South Coast Repertory in 1997. The title comes from a line from W. S. Merwin’s poem, “For the Anniversary of My Death” (1967).

Set in New York, Three Days of Rain centers on a brother Walker, his sister Nan, and their childhood friend Pip who meet to settle their parents’ estate. The two fathers were long-time friends and partners in architecture; their legacy is the brilliantly daring creation, the 1960’s Janeway House. But whose was the guiding hand? In this tense and brittle reunion, much more is at stake than who gets the house.

Brother and sister discover their father’s bland, sparse diary, and use it to create a story for themselves that will explain away the present and make sense of their parents’ passionless marriage. Over the “three days of rain” entered in the young architect’s diary, the same three actors then play their own parents and reveal a romantic significance and creative dilemma that none of these children could ever have imagined.

Isadoora is looking for directors for this production. Dates are anticipated to be June 17-19 and 23-26. Note that Isadoora is no longer paying their directors. If interested, email [email protected]. For more information find Isadoora on Facebook.

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