DNR Releases Results of Electronics Recycling Survey

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has released the results of its 2018 statewide household survey on electronics recycling. The survey confirmed most residents are managing unwanted electronics responsibly, but many are still unsure how to recycle electronics or face other barriers to recycling old devices. Of the estimated 26.3 million devices in Wisconsin households, 9.3 million devices were not in use: about 22 percent of TVs, 30 percent of computers and 50 percent of cell phones. “Our household surveys have consistently shown that not knowing where or how to recycle electronics is a significant barrier to someone successfully recycling,” said Sarah Murray, E-Cycle Wisconsin coordinator for the DNR. “Now is a good time to look for options since more collection events are hosted in the spring and summer. Our list of collection sites gets updated as sites provide dates of events.” The list and the full 2018 statewide household survey on electronics recycling is available at Search for “Ecycle.”