DNR Removing Infected Trees at Potawatomi State Park

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will be removing disease- and insect-infested trees at Potawatomi State Park during the coming weeks. 

The park has been affected by emerald ash borer (EAB) and beech bark disease (BBD). EAB is widespread throughout the state; BBD has been found throughout the range of beech in Wisconsin and is widespread throughout Door County. Both EAB and BBD can be fatal to affected trees, and both pose a safety hazard to park visitors.

Park management has worked with DNR foresters and other staff to implement a harvest of the park’s affected trees. The harvest area includes marked trees within 75 feet of roads, trails and campsites, including north and west of the family campground.

Marked trees include ash, beech visibly afflicted with BBD and other hazard trees that have been identified by DNR foresters.

Roads, trails and other facilities may be closed at times to protect park visitors. Closure information will be posted at the park office and in affected areas within the park. The harvest should not cause any disruptions to the winter ski and snowmobile seasons.

The DNR website carries more information about EAB and BBD.

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