Door County Arts: Gallery Ten’s Latest Exhibiting Artists Celebrate the Feminine

Watercolor by Marie App.

In her final show of the 2008 season, Charlene Berg exhibits the works of two artists who individually find their muse in the eternal feminine. In the Second Floor Gallery, a show entitled “Women Extraordinaire” will feature 20 recent watercolors about women by Wisconsin watercolor artist Marie App.

App uses strong forms, deep, luscious colors and well-ordered planes to tell the narrative tales of women set to universal themes. She combines representational human and abstract forms in her candid and appealing watercolors.

“There may or may not be a direct story,” she explains. “I want the viewer to contribute some of their own personal vision to each of the paintings. It should be an emotional experience.”

In the Tower Gallery, Berg features a collection of the latest works in ink and colored pencil by mixed media artist Sara Tlachac. Her Green Bay studio is located in the Art Garage where she creates plaster sculptures and body castings but this show features her two-dimensional illustrations.

“My work is a testament to the myth and sensuality of women. I enjoy celebrating the female form and telling a story with every piece that I create,” says Tlachac. “I find the flowing, graceful, rhythmic shapes of natural elements of the female form relate well to my work and I often incorporate them in a mixed media approach.”

Mixed media by Sara Tlachac.

Tlachac’s new series fuses her love of water elements and vibrant color with that of the female form as depicted in mermaids.

An opening reception will take place at Charlene’s Gallery Ten on Saturday, September 20 from 3 – 5 pm. The show will run through October 23. The gallery and coffee shop are now open throughout the fall season from Friday through Monday (closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), coffee shop from 8 am – 5 pm and gallery from 10 am – 5 pm at 12625 Hwy. 42 in Gills Rock, Wisconsin.

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