Door County Candidate List Spring, 2020

Two years ago Sturgeon Bay elected its first majority woman common council. After election day, all four will be gone, as Kelly Avenson decided not to seek re-election. Laurel Hauser narrowly lost her re-election bid last year, and Barbara Allmann and Kelly Catarozoli both did not seek re-election. 

Elsewhere incumbents can rest easy in most Door County municipal races. Just six of 21 Door County Board of Supervisor races will be contested, and most municipal races are uncontested as well. 

Spring 2020 Door County Candidate List


In District 3 incumbent Roy Englebert faces two challengers, former supervisor Patrick Olson and Lora Jorgensen, an opponent of the Forestville Millpond drawdown. In District 4 Kara Counard is challenging incumbent Jon Koch. 

In District 7 Erin Tauscher takes on incumbent Helen Bacon. District 8 supervisor Dan Austad is challenged by Charles Olson, and in District 9 Laura Vlies Wotachek is challenged by Sturgeon Bay Alder Dan Williams. 

Finally in District 16 Randy Halstead is challenged by Town of Egg Harbor Supervisor Elizabeth Gauger. 

Two other incumbents chose not to run for re-election: Linda Wait in District 14, where Dale Vogel is running unopposed for her seat, and John Neinas in District 2, where Todd Thayse is running unopposed.


Only two schools will feature contested board races. In Southern Door five candidates will vie for three seats, and on Washington Island incumbent  Kevin Krueger is challenged by Sara Sorensen. 

Two candidates for two positions.
Richard Weidman
Gerald Worrick
Incumbents Jay Zahn and Karen Brauer are not seeking re-election. 

Washington Island 
Two candidates for one position.
Sara Sorensen
Kevin Krueger (I)

Southern Door 
Five candidates three positions.
Christopher Jackson (I)
Marissa Norton
Pamela Parks (I)
Kim Starr (I)
Janel Veeser

Two candidates for two positions.
Lauren Bremer (I)
Stephen Seyfer (()

Sturgeon Bay  
Three candidates for three positions.
Scott Alger (I)
Jessica Holland (I)
Tina Jennerjohn (I)

Sturgeon Bay Common Council

All three council races are uncontested. The deadline for filing papers in District 4 has been extended to Friday, Jan. 10 because incumbent Alder Kelly Avenson did not file papers for candidacy or non-candidacy. 

District 2: David Hayes (I)
District 4: Spencer Gustafson
District 6: Seth Wiederanders (I)


Sister Bay
Five candidates for three positions. 
Denise Bhirdo (I) 
Pat Duffy  (I) 
Rob Zoschke  (I) 
Laura Wilker 
Vivian Nienow 

Village of Forestville
Two candidates for two positions. 
Lora Jorgensen (I)
Shawn Henderson (I)

Village of Ephraim
Two candidates for two positions. 
Tim Nelson (I)
Matthew Meacham
Incumbent Paul Roppuld is not seeking re-election.

Village of Egg Harbor
Two candidates for two positions. 
Lisa Van Laanen (I)
Robert Dickson (I)

Washington Island
One candidate for two positions. 
William Jorgenson (I)
Incumbent Kirby Foss is not running for re-election. 

Liberty Grove
Three candidates for two positions. 
Janet Johnson
Lou Covotsos (I)
Matt Stone
Paul Schwengel is not seeking re-election. 

Town of Gibraltar
One candidate for two positions. Deadline to file extended to Friday, Jan. 10 at 5 pm. 
Bill Johnson (I)
Incumbent Barb McKesson is not seeking re-election. 

Town of Egg Harbor
Two candidates for two positions. 
Supervisor 2: Myles Dannhausen Sr. (I)
Supervisor 3: Steve Schopf (I) 

Town of Baileys Harbor
Two candidates for two positions. 
Barbara Anschutz
Jake Erikson

Town of Sevastopol
Four candidates for two positions.
Robert Gamble
Derek Wayne Denil
Jeanne Vogel
Darrick DeMeuse
Incumbents Jim Nellen and John Staveness are not seeking re-election.

Town of Gardner
Supervisor 3
Michele Ploor (I)
Kevin Fleischman

Supervisor 4
Glenn Dart (I)

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