Door County Cherry Crop Comes in Early

• The Door County cherry crop is expected to come in about two weeks earlier than usual. Peak picking dates are expected to be from July 10 – 25. The warm spring brought cherry blossoms to orchards far earlier than most seasons.

• The Door County Tourism Zone Commission elected a new slate of officers to serve one-year terms. Robert Kufrin was re-elected as commission chair, Bill Weddig vice-chair, Little Bit LeClair is secretary, and Bryan Nelson was re-elected as treasurer. The zone oversees collection of the room tax, which brought in $3.1 million last year.

• The Liberty Grove Harbor Committee changed its name to the Waterfront Committee at the suggestion of committee member Frank Forkert. The name change reflects the fact that the committee is dealing with shoreline and water access points and not just harbors. The committee will meet again July 14 at 7 pm, when they will consider adoption of a mission statement.

• June was the deadliest month yet for NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, with 100 soldiers killed. The increase in deaths is attributed to a strong push against the Taliban in areas where the group had been unchallenged. More than 140,000 NATO troops are still stationed in Afghanistan.