Door County Cooperative Celebrates National Co-op Month with ‘CO-OPOLY’

Door County Cooperative is celebrating National Co-op Month along with 40,000 other cooperative businesses serving more than 120 million people nationwide.

Cooperatives build a better world. As member-owned and member-controlled businesses, cooperatives commit to meeting the needs of their members and communities, rather than generating returns for distant investors. Co-ops represent democracy in action, with control exercised by a board of directors elected from the ranks of members.

“Cooperatives have the power to bring people together. The Door County Cooperative has been doing that here since 1939, and it’s as strong as ever,” said Brian Duquaine, CEO and president of Door County Cooperative. “With the power of the people of Door County behind us we have a unique opportunity to work together to strengthen our community in ways that more traditional businesses can’t. If you aren’t already a member, you should be. Now is the time to stand together to make our community greater than it’s ever been.”

In an effort to bring more awareness to the advantages of the cooperative business model, Door County Cooperative is launching a special promotion and educational campaign.

The game is called CO-OPOLY, presented by Door County Cooperative. Anyone older than 18 can play CO-OPOLY to earn a “Dividend Payout” in the form of a Door County Cooperative Gift Card. Everyone that participates and completes a game board will win. The more participation, the bigger the prize. CO-OPOLY begins Oct. 1 and ends Nov. 30.

To participate, stop in any Door County Cooperative retail location to pick up a game board, or send a request with your physical address to [email protected] and CO-OPOLY in the subject line.

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