Door County Cooperative Distributes Dividends

Based on its business performance, the Door County Cooperative annually pays cooperative owners patronage dividends, earned by their support of Door County Cooperative. In 2017, the patronage payout is equivalent to a 2.79 percent refund on each owners’ 2016 purchases and the stock retirement payout is five percent of the patron’s current equity balance with the Door County Cooperative.

For the first time ever, the Door County Cooperative is distributing 50 percent of patronage dividends in cash, and the remaining 50 percent as shares of equity/ownership in the company.

In just the past 12 years, supporters of the Door County Cooperative have received more than $3.1 million in cash and accrued more than $4 million of stock ownership.

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to become a Door County Cooperative owner and receive these patronage dividend payouts if they patronize any of the Door County Cooperative divisions. This year the Door County Cooperative is proud to be celebrating 78 years in business thanks to the support of its owners.

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