Door County Cross Country Ski Report for December 16, 2010

Brought to you by the Door County Silent Sports Alliance.

All of Door County received a significant snowfall last week but it was accompanied by high winds. All Door County ski areas are open. Trail groomers have been out working and report the following conditions:

Potawatomi State Park

Conditions: Fair to good. Groomed and tracked for classical. Skate lane is soft and a bit wavy in spots. Some debris on the trails due to high winds. Very skiable.

Snowkraft (formerly Cherry Hills Nordic)

Conditions: Good, especially in the woods. This last storm brought Snowkraft 13 inches of snow but it has taken many days of grooming to get the bare spots covered and the drifts leveled out. The Woods trails are now open with the orchard likely to be open by the weekend. No classic tracks laid yet. Most of the skate lane is nice and smooth. A few areas need a bit more leveling or have some dirt and debris; would not recommend A stock skis yet.

Whitefish Dunes State Park

Conditions: Fair. The trails were rolled and tracked on Monday. Average of 10″ snow in most areas. Trail will be somewhat soft until it sets up more as skiers use it. Tracks are full depth in all but a few areas. Areas under the Hemlocks are very “dirty” with debris from the trees, but most other areas are very “clean.” Note: Portions of the Red and Green trails where it is double tracked are closed due to a construction project of undetermined duration. It is hoped the work will be completed in the coming days, but until they are open and groomed, skiers are asked to stay off these trails.

Crossroads at Big Creek

Conditions: Good. We had 12+ inches of snow fall at the Crossroads on Sunday. With the high winds some drifting resulted as well as a few wind swept areas leaving little snow in only a few spots. Rolled and groomed the trails on Monday and Tuesday. Set a track and it turned out great. Skating lane is good but it will be improved after it sets up after a few more cold nights. Some work with the drag will be necessary later in the week to level the trails. Great skiing for the first round of the year.

Peninsula State Park

Conditions: Fair. Some bare sections, and quite a bit of debris, but definitely skiable. Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, and Black loops are groomed. Sections of a few other trails are also groomed. Groomed loops have fair coverage, but there are some bare spots and some debris, particularly in the open areas. Bring your rock (stick) skis.

Newport State Park

Conditions: Fair 4-6 inch base Europe Bay tracked for single stride. Newport Loop only packed. Lots of debris due to the high winds, but great base. Bare spots at beach area at Lot 3.

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