Door County Cross Country Ski Report for January 7, 2011

Unseasonably mild temperatures last week eroded ski conditions across all of Door County, but there is at least still one place left to ski! Our ski trail groomers report the following conditions:

Potawatomi State Park

Conditions: Closed. No skiing until there is a significant snow to groom.

Crossroads at Big Creek

Conditions: Closed. With all the rain and warm weather, we lost all the base for the ski trails. All we have now is a dusting of snow over the trails but not enough for skiing. Our ski trails have become walking trails.

Snowkraft (formerly Cherry Hills Nordic)

Conditions: Good on the woods trail. Orchard trails are closed at this time. Skiing in Door County this week is only possible here at Snowkraft on Walker Road. There is 1.5 miles open for skiing on the woods trails. Large drifts formed from the first storm of one foot or so and this snow was used to add to bare spots on the trail, which there were many of. They are groomed for both skate and classic. There is a possibility we could have a few inches by the weekend, which may enable other areas to open. WARNING: Make sure to stay on trails that have been skied! It is not easy to see with the new snowfall that some trails have only 1/2 inch over dirt. If you venture out of bounds you will hit “sandpaper” and risk a bad fall.

Whitefish Dunes State Park

Conditions: Poor. The New Years meltdown and rain had a devastating effect on the trails. Most of the trails have lost much of their base and what is left is frozen solid and spotty. The sprinkling of snow this week has been just enough to make it look better, but not enough to groom. Therefore, skiing at Whitefish Dunes is not recommended at this time.

Peninsula State Park

Conditions: Closed. We recently received less than one inch of new snow but there is not enough snow to ski. Go for a hike and pick debris off of the trail so when we do get snow again, the trails will be even better!

Newport State Park

Conditions: Closed. Trails remain closed to skiing due to lack of new snow. Hopefully by next week we can say something different.

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