Door County Cyclist Profile: Bob Dickson

Photo by Dan Eggert.

Bob Dickson, leading the pack through the trails at Peninsula State Park in the photo to the right, stays busy as a member of the Egg Harbor Village Board, president of the Door County Silent Sports Alliance and owner of The Shallows Resort. So, as “the season” slows down a bit, he relishes the opportunity to get away from it all and hop on his bike more often, hitting the open road or the trails.

But this fall, just as the pace of life in Northern Door began to ease, he had a pretty rough crash on his mountain bike. While it may have broken a few bones, it hasn’t broken his spirit – he’s got his sights set on the Birkie.

Read on for Dickson’s favorite route and an important piece of advice:

Upcoming rides/races: Just crashed the mountain bike so hoping to recover from a broken collar bone, six cracked ribs and a hairline pelvis fracture in time for the Birkie!

How often you ride: At least three times a week – gone are the days of five and six days a week (thankfully that doesn’t mean slower)!

Favorite Door County route(s) with distance: Love those rides that hit both the bay shore and lake shore. Being located in Egg Harbor gives me great options for riding north or south. Going north, I like to make my way over to Baileys Harbor then take Q north all the way around into Ephraim (my city friends are amazed at this long stretch of road with virtually no stops and very few cross roads, makes for a monster hammer session, right Freddie?), then it’s through Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek and then Cottage Row, across the top of the bluff to Peninsula Players Road, jog over to Juddville Road to Whitecliff Road and home. That one ticks in the mid 40s for mileage depending on various route options.

Why this route(s) is your favorite: Very scenic, nice mix of hills and flats, and the route is easily adaptable to the wind direction. (I grew up riding in Iowa, so I paid my headwind dues long ago.)

What part of your training do you use this route for (long ride, hill workout, etc.): Good for a nice mix of tempo and opportunities to work on the hill climbing skill! Bring friends for a more rigorous workout!

Any Additional Information: Always wear a helmet! (see upcoming rides above)