Door County Election: Meyer Takes on Whipple in District 7 in Sturgeon Bay

Ben Meyer

Age: 31

Education: Marshfield Senior High School, Marshfield, WI; B.A. Lawrence University

Community Involvement: Sturgeon Bay City Council since April 2007; Park and Recreation Committee Chairman; Community Protection and Services Committee Chair; Plan Commission Vice-Chairman; Cable Adivsory Board Chairman; city representative on the Safe routes to School task force.

What skills and perspective will you bring to the board? For over a year I have been listening to and talking with people in my neighborhood in an effort to reconnect our citizens with local government. I have brought forward a new style of governing, one that serves my constituents and denounces “ruling over” them. I have raised the bar by providing a higher level of service to those I represent. This effort is what I hope to continue when elected to the County Board.

As a City Alderperson, representing the same district on the city council and the county board, I will provide a powerful voice to my constituents and a much needed city liaison on the board. There is no “conflict of interest” because I represent the same people who deal with the same problems and issues. I seek to bring our city and county governments together to share resources and coordinate efforts that are mutually beneficial and ultimately save taxpayer money.

Finally, I will bring my unique and creative problem solving skills to the county board at a crucial time. With tight budgets, economic uncertainty, and rising costs we need to find solutions that not only save money, but also raise the quality of life. To make this happen, I will continue to solicit ideas from others, carefully review materials before each meeting, and come prepared to advocate for the best interests of Door County citizens.

What priorities do you think need to be addressed by the board? First, we need to prepare strategically for the challenges we are facing. Through a process of strategic planning, we can identify those areas that support our citizens as well as find areas where our government can be made more efficient. By prioritizing our goals, we can effectively plan for the future while being fiscally responsible to current and future taxpayers.

In addition to tight budgets, we need to address the safety of our environment. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow us to invest wisely and at times save money while protecting our fragile ecosystem. Sustainable practices such as wind energy, building more efficient buildings, creating multi-modal trails and routes and reducing our need for fossil fuels can save tax dollars.

Finally, we need to focus on prevention. Be it health, alcohol or drugs, we must encourage our citizens to make better choices by focusing on wellness, highlighting our walking and biking transportation systems, and promoting responsible behavior. And, instead of throwing them in jail, alcohol and drug offenders must have access to programs that break their repeating behavior.

We all must work diligently together to make sure cost-effective programs the County currently offers get to the people who need them the most.

Phil Whipple

Age: 51

Education: Sevastopol High School

Occupation: Owner and operator of Phil’s Painting for over 12 yrs.

Community Involvement: Over 25 years fundraising for Special Olympics, breast cancer Research, and other cancer benefits

What perspective and skills do you bring to the board? I am a working man looking out for the working person, everyone’s budget is busting at the seems and I want to try to keep this county in good shape without going into debt for our children’s children. Another thing I have going for me is that I have common sense and I know how and why to use it.

What priorities need to be addressed by the board? The budget and taxes are the key issues on everyone’s mind. Other issues are getting the economy healthier by getting more jobs here for the working person, making sure our county stays green by looking at other sources of energy, and keeping our waters clean. There are a number of other issues but these are the hot buttons.

Please vote April 1st!