Door County Election News

Ron Vandertie

Age: 61

Education: Southern Door High School; attended UW-Stevens Point; was a licensed Medical Technician and have taken several courses at NWTC

Occupation: Retired Sturgeon Bay firefighter of 27 years

Community Involvement: Little League and Babe Ruth baseball coach; Sevastopol Baseball Assistant Coach; three terms on city council

What skills and perspective do you bring to the Common Council? I’ve always been interested in city politics. As a city employee for 27 years, I’ve been on both sides of the negotiating table and bring a unique perspective.

What priorities need to be addressed by the council? I’m an advocate of making Martin Park a green space to be used with the east side dock for festivals, concerts and to host farm markets, possibly a band shelter. I support the Boys and Girls Club, but the input I’m getting is that by renovating the old Peterson Pool building we’d be putting money into a building that would be too costly to renovate and would double up programs offered by the YMCA.

With Egg Harbor Rd., I would like the city staff to continue to look at pursuing grants to do sidewalks and storm water. The rubblizing option will get us through the next two years while we can pursue a more comprehensive plan including trees, lighting etc.

Storm water runoff is going to be a huge issue now and in the future. Any town of more than 10,000 must abide by more stringent state statutes, so if they lower that or our population increases we’ll have more obligations.

Wal-Mart will of course be an issue in the years ahead. There’s no way I can support a 185,000 square foot store [Wal-Mart is now considering a 150,000 sq ft option]. I fear they could go to Nasewaupee, which would be very detrimental to the economic health of Egg Harbor Rd. I encourage constituents to call me on that issue.

Mark Schuster

Mark Schuster

Age: 38

Education: Sevastopol High School; attended UW–Stevens Point

Occupation: Buyer/Manager for Bay Shore Outdoor Store in Sister Bay

Community Involvement: Door County Silent Sports Alliance, Board of Directors; I’ve also been a member of the Sturgeon Bay Optimist Club and the Door County Youth Coalition

What perspective and skills do you bring to the council? I’m running as a write-in candidate for alderman in District 2 because I believe Sturgeon Bay is at a crossroads. I believe it is the job of the council to spend our taxpayers’ money wisely and with vision for the future. I do not believe this is happening in District 2. We face many challenges in our community over the next few years and if we do not take the time now to plan wisely in these decisions our community runs the risk of losing the character that has made it so inviting.

We need a council with vision and a plan that protects the citizens’ tax base. One of the main reasons I wanted to run for this position was because I saw a reactive council with a lack of vision that has caused increased taxes and costly situations.

What priorities does the council need to address? We have a new bridge corridor opening, and the flow of traffic off it will greatly affect neighborhoods and businesses in my district. It is our council’s job to take the time to inform and work with the residents and businesses affected. Our city needs to have input from the people it will affect the most. I will ask my district residents and businesses what they want.

Growth and change are important for a city’s well being through community planning and vision. Development, whether commercial or industrial, should fit the blueprint we have planned, not consume the city landscape or take away from our school tax base. Right now, the council continues to react to development instead of setting standards for what we want to live with in the future. I believe in growth, but I believe it should be made with sound, open, long-term community decisions.

My opponent, Mr. Vandertie, found it easy to spend our tax money on relocating our city hall that improved the quality of our city employees’ lives, yet he voted against improving Egg Harbor Road with sidewalks, islands, and lighting which would have improved the citizens’ (taxpayers’) lives. As a council we need to work for all of our citizens first.

We need to protect our green space. When the old high school building was torn down, that space was supposed to remain a park; we all know how that turned out. Now we face decisions on Martin Park. All of this land should remain a city park, no portion of it sold or traded out. As a council we need to protect our land for future generations.

I believe I’m the right candidate for District 2, because I will put my district and community first above all else. I believe in vision and smart growth for this community, wise spending of our tax dollars, and well thought-out decisions with community input and discussion. I will represent my entire district, and will listen to you.