Door County Entertainment: “I Hate Hamlet” Performed on Washington Island

I Hate Hamlet, the winter 2009 production of Island Players, will be presented on Washington Island on the weekend of February 20 – 22.

I Hate Hamlet is a dramatic comedy, written by Paul Rudnick and first performed on Broadway in April 1991. It is set in John Barrymore’s old apartment in New York City.

The play follows a successful television actor, Andrew Rally, as he struggles to decide whether to take on the dream role of Hamlet while he plays host to the ghost of John Barrymore, who, dressed as Hamlet, returns to earth to try to convince Rally to play the part. Barrymore is persuasive, but when a Hollywood agent shows up offering Andrew the possibility of a new role in a television series, Andrew is forced to choose between Shakespeare and television.

“This play is so darn funny,” claims Ham Rutledge, who plays legendary actor John Barrymore, “It’s sometimes hard for the actors to keep straight faces on the stage!”

“Every character gets to play comedy,” comments Steve Reiss, who plays Andrew Rally. “This play might have ‘Hamlet’ in the title, but this isn’t a Shakespeare play at all. This is a comedy for today!”

Jim Sorensen, playing a fast-talking, Hollywood agent on the make, agrees: “My character is all about the deal. I got a lot of my ideas for my character by watching Seinfeld.”

I Hate Hamlet opens at Karly’s Dance Hall, Main Road, Washington Island, on Friday, February 20, at 7 pm. Additional performances will be on Saturday, February 21, at 7 pm., and on Sunday, February 22, at 2 pm.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Red Cup and at the Washington Island Recreation Center. For advance sales by credit card, contact Joan Kuhn at 920.847.2689. Tickets will be available at the door.