Door County Fair Champions and Grand Champions Announced

In recognition of their time and talents at the Door County Fair, the following are the Grand Champions and Champions.

Grand Champions: Carley Frea (photography), Josh VanLieshout (woodworking), Helen Ploor (Foods), Elizabeth LeClair (Home Furnishings & Needlework), Kimberley Malvitz (Cultural Arts), and Anthony Birdsall (Floral).

Champions: Becca Chairin, David Harsh & Lynn Zawojski (photography), Mike Riederer (woodworking), Beverly LuMaye, Michael Neitzke & Dawn Uecker (Foods), Trina Matzke (Clothing), Donna DuBois & Beth Stracka (Knitting and Crocheting), Sherry Londo, Karen Ash & Dawn Shefchik (Home Furnishings), Gayla Motquin, Mildred Harmann & Jessica DeJardin (Cultural Arts), and Monica Haen, Anthony Birdsall & Judeen Hanson (Floral).

Also in the Foods Department, the three Red Star Yeast Awards went to Ricki Mitchell, Beverly LuMaye and Joanne Bongle. Best in Show awards in the Floral category went to Wendy Woldt, Monica Haen, Terrie DeKeyser and Anthony Birdsall.

All entrants get into the fair for all five days for a $10 entry fee. To enter next year’s Door County Fair, visit and click on ‘exhibits.’