Door County Fair Organizers Announce Exhibitor Awards

Door County Fair exhibitor awards were announced. The following are Open Class Exhibitors from the 2017 Door County Fair in the non-animal categories that received special recognition.

Flowers and House Plants: Grand Champion – Pat Wickman; Champions – Wendy Woldt, Anthony Birdsall and Pat Wickman; Best of Show – Anthony Birdsall, Mary Tlachac, Sally Schlise, Ricki Mitchell, Pat Wickman, Chris Rockendorf, Monica Haen, Wendy Woldt, Henri Jeanquart, Laura Meikle and Kris Berns

Cultural Arts & Crafts: Grand Champion – Gayla Motquin; Champions – Eric Smith, Monica Guilette and Holly Green; Honorable Mentions – Renate Gregory and Maria Meikle

Photography: Grand Champion – David Harsh; Champions – Suzanne Moreaux, Becky Ulberg and Amanda Riederer; Honorable Mentions – Jessica DeJardin, Annie Deutsch, Suzanne Moreaux, Amanda Riederer, Amanda Rouer (2), Sandra Simonar, Jessica Smith, Becky Ulberg and Erinn Weckler

Woodworking: Grand Champion – Mike Riederer; Champion – Bierri Brilla (2)

Food and Nutrition: Grand Champion – Ella Jeanquart; Champions – Judeen Hanson, Emily Fisher-Woldt and Tim Hitzman

Food Preservation: Grand Champion – Monica Guilette; Champions – Ricki Mitchell and Monica Guilette

Red Star Yeast Awards: Mary Schartner, Dawn VandeVoort and Tim Hitzman

Clothing/Sewing: Grand Champion – Joyce DeKeyser; Champion – Mary Schartner and Sue Havel

Knitting and Crocheting: Grand Champion – Elaine DeGrave; Champions – Christy Sully, Joyce DeKeyser and Louise Wenzel; Honorable Mentions –Joan Draeb and Judy Hollingshead

Home Furnishings and Needlework: Grand Champion – Karen Ash; Champions – Theresa Kinnard, Dyan Sleger and Karen Sandstrom; Honorable Mention – Mary Ellen Smith

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