Door County Golfer Profile: Cam Curtin

Curtain (left) poses with Horseshoe Bay Member/Guest teammate Brain Woods at his favorite golf course.

Age: 53

Occupation: Physical Education Teacher, Gibraltar School District

Home Course: Idlewild

Handicap: 18

Best 18-hole score: 80

Years playing: 40

Hole-in-one(s): None, yet.

Nicest Golf Course Ever Played (Course, City, State): Horseshoe Bay Golf Club, Egg Harbor, WI.

Favorite Golf Memory: Just playing in a foursome with my family. I enjoy seeing them hit good shots back and forth while playing the game and talking about it while competing amongst each other.

Golf Accomplishment Most Proud Of: Learning to play the game properly, and teaching students and family how it should be played. This includes etiquette, rules, etc.

Favorite Golfer: Jack Nicklaus; during his era, I always considered him the most consistent and thought he carried himself with a great demeanor.

Fantasy Foursome: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and myself.

What’s in the bag? Driver, 3 & 5 wood, 3-9 irons (although I rarely, if ever, use the 3 and 4 irons) and a putter. The clubs were designed by Knight, which has since lost prominence in the golf industry. It’s not the club, it’s the player.

Strengths: My demeanor on the course. I’m always being a competitor, but I am good at keeping my frustration in. I am able to stay level headed by always challenging myself once I approach my next shot.

Weaknesses: Reading putts, putting, and hitting around the green.

Golf Tip to Share: Before you hit your shot, be consistent. Clear your mind of everything and then go ahead and hit.

When not Playing Golf, you can be found: Mowing lawns, refereeing, and relaxing by the water at my newly built home.