Door County Golfer Profile: Earl Schram D.D.S.

Age: 80

Occupation: Retired dentist. Practiced in West Allis but grew up and currently live in Baileys Harbor. Studied at Marquette Dental School and graduated in 1959.

Home Course: Maxwelton Braes. I grew up caddying there.

My swing. I’ve never really followed a handicap much even when I was younger.

Best 18-hole score: When I was 25 years old in about 1953, I shot 68 at Maxwelton Braes.

Years playing: My oldest brother used to bring home clubs from the course. I’ve probably been playing since I was 10 years old, so about 1941.

Hole-in-ones: Five

When did you make your first hole-in-one? I’ve made all five after the age of 65. My first one was on hole #17 at Maxwelton in 1998. In all I have three at Maxwelton the others were on #8 in 2007 and my latest one on August 1 on hole #17. The other ones were at Edgewood in Milwaukee in 2000 and in Florida on 2010.

You recently made your fifth hole-in-one, explain the feeling: I made the hole-in-one on hole #17 on August 1 with my 3 wood. I don’t hit a lot of good shots but this one I hit right on the nose. I had four observers. It landed on the green and headed toward the stick. We could see the ball near the pin and once we got up to the green it was stuck between the pin and the hole.

You golfed at Marquette University in your college days, what was that like? I lettered two years at Marquette in 1954 and 1955. We played a number of different teams, we weren’t a part of any conference. Our coach would make plans; for example, we played UW-Madison and UW-Lacrosse. Tuckway Country Club was our home base.

Favorite Golfer: Steve Stricker

Strengths: Fairway woods

Weaknesses: Every year those golf holes get a little long. But at this stage of the game, it is chipping.

Tip to make a Hole-in-one: It just happens. You hit one that you would never expect to go in and it does.

When not Playing Golf, Earl can be found:
Most of my leisure is with golf. I have three or four friends and we play four or five times a week so that keeps me busy. I get a lot of good golf lessons from my friends.