Door County Golfer Profile: Jeff Schartner

Door County Golfer Profile: Jeff Schartner

From playing and umpiring Door County League baseball during the summer to doing the same in the over-30 basketball league in the winter, Jeff Schartner is never far from competition. It might not be his favorite sport or even the one he plays the most, but his game between the fairways is among some of the best.

Age: 55

Occupation: Driver, Lumber Stockyard

Home Course: Cherry Hills

Handicap: 6.6

Best 18-hole score: 72

Years playing: 25

Hole-in-one: None, yet

Nicest Golf Course Ever Played: Horseshoe Bay Golf Course in Egg Harbor

Favorite Golf Memory: Playing on PGA-level golf course in Florida

Golf Accomplishment Most Proud Of: Five birdies in one 18-hole round

Favorite Golfer: Jack Nicklaus

Fantasy Foursome: Nicklaus, Fred Couples, Tiger Woods, Jeff Schartner

What’s in the bag? TaylorMade

Strengths: Chipping around the green

Weakness: Putting

Golf Tip to Share: Top hand over the top of the ball, just like a baseball swing

When not playing golf, you can be found: Umpiring a baseball game, likely the Door County League.