Door County Green Guide Accepting Local Listings

A Door County Green Guide Web site was launched in mid-December of 2007. Created by Sheri Gibbs, owner of White Pines Victorian Lodge B&B – the first Door County business to attain the Travel Green Wisconsin certification – the Web site has a multi-faceted purpose.

The guide will help build environmental consciousness by promoting and supporting the many established green services, builders, products, farms, organizations, and other businesses in the Door County area and to be an aid to others wishing to become green, as well as be a comprehensive resource for information on a multitude of environmental topics and issues.

The Door County Green Guide Web site will provide a central place for residents and visitors to find all things green, organic, and environmentally-committed in Door County and the surrounding area, to encourage us all to shop locally, use local products and services to reduce our impact on the world’s nonrenewable natural resources.

All area green businesses, services, organizations, farms, and product makers are invited to be included in the Door County Green Guide. To avoid greenwashing, listing is a two-step process. An initial application form is available in the website. Others in Algoma and Kewaunee areas are also welcome as are those who offer Fair Trade and certified green/organic foods and goods for sale in shops and stores though the shop itself might not be certified.

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