Door County High Schoolers Invited to Washington Island Writing Program

Write On, Door County announces a special daylong program for Door County high school students with young adult author Liza Wiemer. On May 15, selected students will travel to Washington Island to get a behind-the-scenes look at Wiemer’s novel, Hello?, as well as take part in a variety of writing and art activities.

In November 2015, Wiemer visited Door County high schools, delivering impactful messages on perseverance, the power of storytelling, and the “unique story of you,” that touched the lives of hundreds of Door County teens. Participants of the program on Washington Island will explore the locations that inspired her novel, including a picnic lunch on Boyer’s Bluff, where the dramatic conclusion to the novel takes place.

Throughout the day, students will take part in writing and art activities, as well as nature hikes. It will be an amazing and powerful day of art, exploration, personal growth, and community.

The program is free but an application is required. The application can be found on Write On’s website, Transportation, lunch and light refreshments will be provided. A limited number of students can be accommodated for this program. Deadline for applications is March 25.

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