Door County History In Photos: Clay Banks School, 1895

This photo of the students of Clay Banks School from June 1895 appeared in the fall 2015 issue of our sister publication Door County Living, where it was brought to the attention of former Clay Banks resident Dick Hitt, who now lives in Slinger, Wis.

Dick has his own copy of the photograph, with the names of all the students, which includes his father, Rube Hitt, then 8 years old, at the far left end of the middle row. Dick, the youngest of 11 children in his family, sent us all the names to go with the faces. In the rear, from left, Madeline Hitt Asmuson, Jennie Tufts Schumacher, Ellen Tufts Hand, Ellen Olson Riley, teacher Mae Madey, Alex Tufts, Ralph Hitt, George Jirtle, Conrad Olson and Charles Colar; middle row, Rube Hitt, Chauncey Hitt, Elwood Olson, Barney Hitt, John Tufts and Mildred Tufts; front row, Clara Braunsdorf Medleson, Travis Tufts Stuebs, Mollie Mackey Mitts, Mollie Monasso, John Morley, Billy Heald and Ernest Braunsdorf.

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