Door County Humane Society Starts Month-long Fundraiser July 5

Starting July 5, Door County Humane Society (DCHS) is participating in a month-long national competition with hundreds of other animal lifesaving organizations to see who can raise the most money in one month. Last year, the DCHS came in 13th out of 310 organizations in the Michelson Found Animals Saving Pet Challenge. 2015 was also a good year because it was the first year that more dogs and cats were placed with families than were brought into the shelter, and the average length of stay for cats was decreased from 99 days to 59 days.

So, for the next month, DCHS will share stories and updates on some of their favorite furry friends, in efforts to raise more donations for the shelter. In that spirit, DCHS introduces J.J. – a two-year-old male cat who was brought in as a stray. J.J. is what some might call a “fixer upper,” but only on the outside. He has absolutely perfected his personality, and there isn’t a sweeter, more affectionate cat around. Aside from his personality, there’s a little work to do. J.J. came to DCHS with a laundry list of issues: a wounded paw, a growth in his mouth, and a skin condition that typically isn’t seen in cats. Needless to say, J.J. has been getting a series of treatments to help him heal, and even with all the poking and prodding, this sweet boy does nothing but purr and roll over for tummy rubs during all his exams. He’s on the mend and will make a wonderful addition to one lucky household.

For more information or to donate, call 920.746.1111 or visit

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