Door County Ice Cream Factory’s Top 5 Flavors

If the summer heat is making you melt, swing up to the Door County Ice Cream Factory for a cool and tasty treat. Their top five flavors include:

1. Vanilla: made with Madagascar vanilla beans (the finest in the world) and used in most of their sundaes, shakes, and malts.

2. Deaths Door Chocolate: A double dutch chocolate with bittersweet chocolate chunks. Made for all the chocoholics out there.

3. Door County Cherry: made with locally grown cherries from Seaquist Orchard, for everyone who wants to try the “local” flavor.

4. Chambers Island Fudge: made with the Madagascar vanilla and bittersweet chocolate chunks, add in a fudge swirl for a full dose of delicious. A good blend of chocolate and vanilla, named after the Door County island.

5. Butter Pecan: a classic ice cream with butter pecan flavor base and fresh mammoth roasted and salted pecans.

For those who think vanilla is, well, just plain vanilla, Mississippi Mud Pie comes next on the list, which features coffee ice cream made with real soluble coffee, not just flavoring, with crushed up Oreos and a fudge swirl.

Door County Ice Cream Factory will be introducing a new flavor each week through Labor Day, which will increase their product line to over 50 flavors. Additionally, they are having their third Annual Create-a-Flavor contest, where customers can invent their own flavor. They will name three finalists in mid-August and make the brand new flavors. People can come in for a free taste test and vote for their favorite.

For more information about Door County Ice Cream Factory, flavors, and hours, visit or call 920.854.9693.