Door County Interiors Raise Funds for Read to Me Program

Door County Interiors of Egg Harbor will help raise funds for the Read To Me Program, sponsored by the Altrusa Club of Door County, this November. They are accepting $5 donations to help purchase books for this program and Door County Interiors will match your donation.

This Altrusa program serves students in grades 4K and 5K at all five Door County public school districts. Last year they read in 22 classrooms and purchased approximately 165 books for 4K students and 185 books for 5k students for a total of five months during the 2017-18 school year. After an Altrusa member reads in the classroom, each child and the teacher receives a copy of the book to help grow their personal libraries.

For more information call Cynthia Whitman at 920.868.9008 or Robyn Anderson at 920.743.1601.

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