Door County Invasive Species Team Meeting Delves into Shorelines

A lot has been discussed recently regarding the Door County shorelines – do we have the most mileage for a single county in the United States? Are our Great Lakes water levels dropping at an exponential rate?

The communities closely tied to the Lake Michigan basin need to be aware of the systems affecting our lake and how we are impacted. Mark your calendar for Monday, April 18. The Door County Invasive Species Team will meet at Crossroads at Big Creek at 2 pm and discuss issues facing the 300 miles of our celebrated shoreline.

Dr. Val Klump, Director and Senior Scientist at the Great Lakes WATER Institute and Professor of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will give a brief overview of the large-scale ecological impacts to the Great Lakes that can be witnessed at our beaches.

Carrie Webb, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources water management specialist for Door, Kewaunee, and Manitowoc counties, will present on beach grooming regulations and answer questions on what shoreline owners can do about invasive species created problems.

We will kick off a fascinating citizen science program with USGS researching beach conditions and wildlife health. Coordinator Jenny Chipault will discuss how you can take part in Avian Monitoring for Botulism Lakeshore Events (AMBLE).

Shoreline landowners are encouraged to attend, though the public is invited to as well. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information contact DCIST at 920.746.5955, email [email protected] or visit