Door County is for Every Golfer

There is no better time of the year than when you can finally put away your winter hats and jacket and bring out your golf hats and clubs. The excitement you have for your first, yet rusty, round of the season is unmatched. The tee markers have been set. The pin locations have been chosen. The courses are finally open and for the next six months you’ll be able to play golf in one of the best places in the world, Door County.

Door County’s variety of courses is perfect for every type of golfer.

First there is the skilled golfer. You’ve been practicing for years and you think you have the skill to take on the course record. Or, maybe just make a couple birdies on the back nine. A skilled golfer will find the peninsula is adequately prepared to give him or her an appropriate ratio of a fun and a frustrating challenge that will make them break an out-of-bounds stake with their 9 iron. (The Peninsula Pulse is not responsible if in fact you do snap your 9 iron out of frustration.)

Peninsula State Park. Photo by Len Villano.

Next is the weekend golfer. This is a person who just likes being outside and on the beautifully designed landscapes that are golf courses. They don’t take the game too seriously. So you just made a 10 on a par 4? You shrug it off and hope you’ll do better on the next hole. Door County golf is perfect for you.  

From breaktaking views from Peninsula State Park Golf Course to the picturesque landscapes of The Orchards, this section of the state has some of the most beautiful courses in the Midwest.

There is no better place to have a good time with your friends than on a golf course. The Door is perfect for weekend getaways with friends and a couple of adult beverages.  

But there are also times to put the adult beverages away and spend some quality time with your kids on the mini-golf circuit. Door County offers some of the best miniature golf and putt-putt (yes, they are different) options that are fun for the entire family.

Whether you’re trying to endure a difficult par 5 into the wind or take in the gorgeous scenery of Peninsula State Park or trying to fit a golf ball through a windmill and through a loop-dee-loop; no matter your skill level, no matter your age – Door County golf is for everyone. Just try not to snap your 9 iron because those are expensive.

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