Door County Landscapes in Plum Bottom Show

Plum Bottom Gallery’s Painted Door County: Art Show 5 will run Aug. 10 to Sept. 8, with the opening reception Aug. 10, 1-4 pm, at the Plum Bottom Road location. There you can meet Door County artist Mary White, Krista Carlsen and Gail Gilson-Pierce; learn about their inspirations and techniques; and see their newest work, as well as work by landscape painters Sarah Vanderkleed and Clarey Wamoff.

Working in acrylic, White captures the feeling of clear, summer nights exploding with stars, and breezy, spring days filled with the smells of fresh wildflowers – all encapsulating that “Door County feeling” on canvas.

Carlsen works in oil and wax to capture the stunning lightscapes that Door County offers, walking the line between abstract and realistic interpretations of lake scenes and the interplay of light and land. 

Gilson-Pierce uses vibrantly colored oils to capture the county’s favorite landmarks, such as Cave Point and Toft Point.

Plum Bottom Gallery now has two Egg Harbor locations that are open daily. Call 920.743.2819 for more information.


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