Door County Library Hosts Talk with ’40 Thieves’ Authors

The Door County Library will host a virtual author talk with Joseph Tachovsky and Cynthia Kraack, co-authors of 40 Thieves on Saipan, on Aug. 12, 10-11 am. Learn about Tachovsky’s father, Frank’s experiences during WWII. Frank Tachovsky was also a two-term mayor of Sturgeon Bay.

40 Thieves on Saipan follows Lieutenant Frank Tachovsky and the elite platoon of Marine Scout-Snipers – the 40 Thieves. These full-blooded men were trained in a ruthless array of hand-to-hand killing techniques and then thrown into the battle for Saipan, where they would wreak havoc in and around – but mostly behind – enemy lines. They witnessed inhuman atrocities; walked into an ambush after the cunning Japanese used wounded Marines as bait; endured body-punishing extremes of heat, hunger, and thirst; fought a relentless enemy who would not surrender; and watched best friends die.

More information and codes to join the talk can be found  at