Door County Medical Center Urges Lawmakers for Increase in Nursing Home Beds

Leadership at Door County Medical Center (DCMC) are urging state lawmakers and Gov. Scott Walker to approve budget language allowing for an increase in skilled nursing home beds at their facility in Sturgeon Bay, which is regulated by the state. DCMC worked with state Sen. Frank Lasee and state Rep. Joel Kitchens to secure the provision, which was approved by the legislature’s budget writing committee in May and now needs sign-off from the legislature as a whole and Gov. Walker.

“Door County Medical Center applauds the advocacy Sen. Lasee and Rep. Kitchens have done on behalf of their constituents and urge Gov. Walker to support the budget language,” said Gerald Worrick, DCMC President & CEO, arguing it is “crucial to ensuring DCMC is able to provide high-quality care and improve community access to skilled nursing services in Door County.”

A state imposed cap on the number of nursing home beds only allows the transfer of certain existing beds under a narrow set of circumstances. For this reason, legislative action is needed for DCMC to complete a bed transfer. The budget language would allow for 18 additional beds to be redistributed to DCMC, on top of the 30 they currently have.

Door County Medical Center leaders encourage the public to voice their support for increased nursing home access in Door County to Gov. Walker prior to the budget being finalized in coming weeks.


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