Door County Performance – Catch “And If Elected” Before the Election

American Folklore Theatre’s production of And If Elected enters its final weekend of production, running until November 2 (two days before the election) at the Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay.

Spicing up the election season, And If Elected is a musical look back at presidential campaign history. The show, performed during every election year since 1992, features facts, jokes, and songs from presidential elections from 1776 to the present.

Compiled by David Peterson, Fred Alley, and Jeffrey Herbst, And If Elected takes a lighthearted, often satirical, and occasionally touching look at the complete history of the presidential election, telling stories of mudslinging and muck-raking that have surprised and delighted audiences for almost 20 years. The show also unearths the numerous campaign songs that have been used as political tools throughout American history.

This year’s production features AFT performer and Artistic Director Jeffrey Herbst, who has performed in each incarnation of the show since 1992, Minneapolis-based performer Jake Endres, and Elisa Korenne, a singer-songwriter making her Door County debut.

Tickets, $16 for adults and $10 for children, may be purchased at the AFT Office in Ephraim’s Green Gables shops, online at, or by calling 920.854.6117. Tickets for Third Avenue Playhouse performances may be purchased at TAP or by calling 920.743.1760.