Door County Potters’ Guild Presents Annual Studio Tour

This year the guild’s nine-studio tour will feature handmade plates and platters May 4-5, 10 am – 5 pm. Each gallery has its own distinctive styles and techniques, ranging from traditional wood firing to contemporary experiments with form and color. Enjoy a variety of refreshments and beautiful new works as you travel around the tour sites.

The shelves at Jeanne and David Aurelius’ Clay Bay Pottery will be full of new pieces that they and their pottery friends have created over the winter.

Ellison Bay Pottery’s plates, created by John Dietrich, are individual works of art. He uses a painterly style to tell a story that viewers can make their own. Enjoy demonstrations during the event.

As Gills Rock Pottery celebrates its 40th year in Door County, Judy and Thor Thoreson will offer a wide array of functional and decorative pots for the home and garden.

Set in a charming, century-old building, Lynn’s Pottery gallery and studio offers an eclectic array of functional pottery.

Tony and Renée Gebauer create functional, wheel-thrown works at TR Pottery. Visitors can see all stages of production, from clay preparation to kiln unloading.

Off the Wheel Pottery is housed in a granary on a historic farmstead. It showcases plates and platters of all sizes made by resident potter Renee Schwaller and new work by several national potters and jewelers.

Plum Bottom Pottery will host a variety of platters by numerous artists.

Lily Bay Pottery will feature decorative, eight-inch plates with geometric designs that can be hung on the wall individually or in sets.

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