Door County Selected to Receive Accessible Transportation Community Initiative Grant

Door County was among 10 communities selected to receive the Accessible Transportation Community Initiative (ATCI) grant offered by Easterseals Project Action Consulting (ESPAC), the consulting arm of Easterseals, Inc. Door-Tran is committed to finding affordable, available, and accessible transportation for Door County residents. “Research has been an intricate and ongoing project of Door-Tran and this opportunity for Easterseal’s to help with a current needs assessment will allow us to keep people moving in Door County,” said Door-Tran Mobility Manager Pam Busch.

A two-day Accessible Transportation Coalition event is in the works. “The event is designed to bring our community together to develop a plan to strengthen the availability and accessibility of transportation services locally,” said Busch.

ESPAC staff will facilitate the two-day coalition event. They will continue to work with Door County 12 months after the event providing technical assistance on the implementation of the action plan.

In addition to the two-day event, the ATCI team is hoping to gather additional information from Door County residents through a Needs Assessment survey that can be accessed at


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