Door County Snowmobile Trail System: All Sections Open Dec. 22 at Noon

All four sections of the Door County Snowmobile Trail System will be open as of noon on Dec. 22, 2016.

The northern section will open at 12 pm on Dec. 22. The southwest, southeast and central sections of the Door County Snowmobile Trail System remain open at this time.

Conditions are listed as: poor to fair and partially groomed, use caution – early season conditions exist; watch for standing and ponding water on the trail; conditions are marginal and thin snow areas exist where blowing and drifting has occurred; possible ice under snow; use caution, dangerous early season conditions exist as swampy areas and creeks are full of water and not frozen yet. Stay off of all waterways, standing water, wetlands, lakes, rivers, and other unsafe ice. Be alert, the groomer may be on the trails.

Call 920.746.9959 for the current trail status and conditions or check and click on the “snowmobile trail conditions” link on the right side of the homepage for the full “door county snowmobile trail conditions report.”

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