Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department Hearing Nov. 2

The Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department (SWCD) will hold a public informational hearing about the reclamation plan for the proposed Franda limestone quarry Nov. 2, 4 pm. Members of the public may participate and watch the hearing remotely by computer or phone. Anyone wishing to speak must register in advance. Contact the SWCD at [email protected] or 920.746.2214 to learn more details and how to get a copy of the plans. 

The intents of the hearing are to explain and receive comment by those affected about the nature, feasibility and effects of the proposed reclamation. The hearing will not cover operational matters because they are beyond the scope of the SWCD’s responsibility within the town. These include, but are not limited to, the issues of zoning, whether to use the land for mining, traffic, setbacks, blasting, dewatering, the hours of operation, noise or dust control, or those subject to other authority.

Greg Coulthurst, a SWCD conservationist who oversees the county’s nonmetallic mining ordinance, said the county has not had to hold a hearing like this in at least 13 years. 

“Part of it is supply and demand,” Coulthurst said. “We have 50 nonmetallic mines in the county right now and three proposals in the works [Gardner and two on Washington Island.]”