Door County Surf Sports Announces Photo/Video Competition Results

Results of the Door County Surf Sports Facebook photo and video competition are in. People were asked to go to the group’s Facebook site ( and ‘like’ their favorite photos during a two-week period that ended Oct. 4.

These two surfing sisters rode every chance they got, and won a free lobster dinner from Harbor Fish Market and Grill in Baileys Harbor. Photo by David Troup.

These three symmetric surfer girls, pictured here on Kangaroo Lake in Baileys Harbor, won a free large pizza at Northern Grill. Photo by Heidi Eckstein.

Mike Warecki, photographed surfing on Garrett Bay, won a free breakfast at Basecamp/Ecology Sports. Photographer unknown.

Herbie Cuene won a free weekend campsite at Baileys Woods for the photo of him landing a jump in Baileys Harbor below the arcs of a double rainbow. Photo by Adam Jacobs.