Door County Thrive Emphasizes Sustainability

Connect, inspire, share, educate, act; these words describe the direction and intention of the new collective, Door County Thrive. This new environmentally conscious group has come together in the past few months with great success. Thrive started with two brainstorming sessions to see what individuals and groups were already doing, searching for and/or contribute in regards to sustainability, growing and buying local, composting, recycling and renewable energy. Door County Thrive is in the process of planning the direction of the group for the remainder of 2017.

Join Door County Thrive for a potluck picnic during Celebrate Earth Week on April 23, 4 pm, after the Water Ceremony in the Mini Bowl behind Chief Oshkosh in Egg Harbor. Thrive welcomes all ideas sustainable. Bring recipes for healthy foods, inspiring books or articles, extra plants for the garden, current policy concerns, etc. Thrive will conclude the evening with a fire and talking about our personal sustainable intentions for the new year.

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