Door County Waitress Releases Single in Los Angeles

Many know her as the zany, pigtailed, blonde waitress at Julie’s Park Café in Fish Creek, but many may not know that Debra Hadraba is also a passionate and dedicated singer, songwriter, and performing artist. She will take a break from waitressing on October 1 – 5, when she will officially release her single, “Be Brave, Have Heart” at Rise, a Los Angeles conference for the Braveheart Women Global Community.

The intended path from waitress to rock star has not been an easy one for Hadraba, who has suffered from bouts of severe depression.

“I wasn’t able to create anything and I felt as if my spirit was dying. I had given up,” she says. “In fact, my paints and brushes were all dried up, stacks of notebooks gone, and I didn’t even own a guitar anymore.” That same year, she decided to attend a self-improvement conference and was impressed with the concepts delivered by a speaker names Ellie Drake.

She eventually befriended Drake, who asked Hadraba and a small number of other women to help her launch the Braveheart Women Global Community in 2006. Since its inception, the group has grown from less than a hundred original founding members to tens of thousands today, in an online community at

Hadraba wrote “Be Brave, Have Heart” in 2007, and in 2008 invested a portion of her money in recording studio time. Over the winter and into spring 2009 seven songs were mastered and ready to be released on EP/CD. She is dedicating her first song to Braveheart Women everywhere, publishing it as a single on an enhanced CD, which includes photos, an e-book by Debra and a music video shot in Door County. The conference in which she is releasing the song is sponsored by Ellie Drake and features a collection of Braveheart Core members, including Dr. Maya Angelou and Mariel Hemingway.

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