Door County Writes: ‘Winter, 2014’

by Lee LeVoy

Sun beckons   brilliant in blue sky
tiny crystals sparkle 
on a snow-covered meadow
wind is still

You offer to drive me
carry my skis
to the entrance
of Europe Bay trail 

You walk haltingly along the edge
legs unsteady
while I glide easily
on a freshly groomed trail

I speed ahead  
stopping to look back
unable to see you
beyond the bend

I turn around
my heart pounding
have you fallen?
until you appear

cheeks ruddy with the cold
boots sinking in the snow
your face radiant
like the moment you met me

Lee LeVoy lives in Ellison Bay on 17 acres of meadow and woods. She is grateful for the circle of poets in Door County, and especially her poetry writing group, Belles Lettres. LeVoy’s first book of poems, Still Voice, was published in 2017.

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