Door County YMCA Program Updates

Beginning March 18, the Door County YMCA will:

  • Maintain regular hours of operations but will not allow youth members under the age of 18 to use the Y program centers in Sturgeon Bay and Fish Creek weekdays from opening to 4pm. Now, more than ever, we need to recognize that we cannot serve everyone all of the time under any circumstances. We do not have the staff or the facilities to provide childcare for multiple school districts. It would be irresponsible to bring large groups of children together.
  • Discontinue all youth class programming for children under the age of 18 including Kid Care. We will offer program credit or refunds (or members can contribute the program balance to the Annual Campaign to assist our operations during this period of disruption in our business operations).
  • Close Barker Child Care Center on Egg Harbor Road. Charges for care will be suspended for the next billing cycle. Once we resume operations all currently enrolled children will be welcomed back. We will hold their spot for two weeks following the announcement of the resumption of normal operations.
  • Within the week, the YMCA will work to provide child care at its Barker Center (for infants through children 4K) and a “camp program” (for children in kindergarten through fifth grade) weekdays at the program centers for the children of individuals who are on the front line in providing medical and other critical services to our community. This will include children of health care workers, government employees directly related to the COVID 19 VIRUS pandemic and our YMCA staff (who will staff the special youth programming and keep our facilities and programs clean and operating). Fees for these special services will be the same as our existing child care program and camp fees.
  • Discontinue in person meetings of its specialty programs which involve high risk individuals, i.e. LIVESTRONG® for cancer survivors, our Diabetes Prevention Program and our Parkinson classes, R.I.D.E.4 Kids and R.I.D.E. 

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