Door County’s Fairfield Gallery Hosts Sturgeon Bay High School Students

On Thursday, November 29, the Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art in downtown Sturgeon Bay hosted a group of students from Sturgeon Bay High School for an afternoon of fun and arts-related activity in the art center’s first-floor Main Gallery.

The students learned to play the “Art Shark” board game, in which players devise their own strategies to collect, steal and hide art, and to outbid opponents at art auctions to increase their individual art collections. The game features 64 great works of art from France, Britain, Italy and Germany that span four centuries – from the 17th century to modern and contemporary art.

The group also took a tour of “Rotating Selections from the Permanent Collection” with Exhibitions Director Shan Bryan-Hanson. The selections currently on display explore the question “Who is Henry Moore?” by presenting the man as well as the artist, and by addressing the relevance of the Henry Moore collection to the Door County community.

The Fairfield Center for Contemporary Art is open free to the public. Off-season hours are 10 am – 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday. For more information about the art center and its upcoming exhibitions and events, call 920.746.0001, send e-mail to [email protected] or visit