Door County’s Local Librarian: Holly Cole

There is no better place to find literature of all kind than your local library, and no one better to help you find what you’re looking for than the librarians. Meet your local librarian, Holly Cole of the Egg Harbor Branch Library.

Favorite section of the library: My table. We always have great people sitting there, ready with a warm greeting and great conversation. Currently housed above our table we are raising a beautiful assortment of Monarch butterflies.

Favorite author: Phyllis Whitney (I love those old gothic romances!)

What book should every patron read: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – so much more than just a children’s book.

Favorite customer question: “Where are you?” New patrons seeking us out often need to call for help in finding our little library. Other new patrons will simply stumble upon us by accident. Either way, we are always happy they came.

Favorite part of working at the library: Our amazing patrons! Simply put…some of the best people I have ever met!

What is a library service that many people are unaware of: We can find just about anything. If it’s out there…movie, book, music, etc…we will almost always be ready, willing and able to get it for you.

Interests outside the library: My wonderful kids, watercolor painting and drawing, gardening, camping and of course…reading!

The library is an incredible resource, chock full of not only the literature that rounds out academic reading lists, but novels, memoirs, mysteries, and non-fiction books touching on a variety of subjects, from writers all over the world. The Door County Libraries serve local residents and visitors, offer DVDs, CDs, and magazines, an extensive interlibrary loan and free Internet. For more information visit