Door Jam Offering Guitar Lessons

The Door Jam is offering beginning and private guitar lessons for anyone who wants to kick their guitar skills up a notch.

In the “Guitar 101 and Slow Jam” class, several local guitar players will teach the basics. This class will consist of a weekly group reviewing several chord patterns, picking patterns, and how to use a capo. Each class will end with a slow jam, allowing for slow chord changes. After a few weeks, students should feel secure and ready for private guitar lessons.

If you’re ready for private lessons from a qualified teacher, bluegrass instructor Eric Lewis and jazz guitarist George Sawyn are both taking on students for private lessons. Sawyn is conducting a full-day Masters Guitar Class on Saturday, August 8. This workshop is open to everyone who has a basic knowledge of the guitar.

Phil Cooper and Susan Urban have also agreed to conduct a workshop on Celtic guitar on Saturday, September 19. This workshop will begin with the teaching of the most common chords in the “DADGAD” tuning often used for Celtic guitar arrangements. Participants will learn to play the chords on one or two easy songs, and can choose whether to learn Phil’s more intricate accompaniments or Susan’s simpler rhythm backup – each style is equally important to a good arrangement. Chord sheets and tablature will be provided. The workshop is open to advanced beginning to advance guitar.

For more information, call 920.421.1327.