Door Landscape Awarded by DC Chapter of Wild Ones

The Monarch Waystation at Door Landcape features two bowls: the top bowl holds water and the lower one contains mud from which the butterflies obtain essential minerals. Photo by Tim Duquaine.

Last year, the Door County Chapter of Wild Ones presented their annual award to Door Landscape for excellence in landscaping, which supports the Wild Ones’ mission to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities.

“Of course they have an advantage because it is their business,” laughed President of the Door County Chapter of Wild Ones Peter Sigmann, “but they went beyond [expectations].”

Door Landscape, owned by Clifford Orsted who also holds an education chair on the Wild Ones board, was nominated anonymously for their work, particularly the demonstration gardens and butterfly waystation on their business property, located five miles south of Egg Harbor on Highway 42.

“It felt good to be recognized,” said Orsted. “Education is an important part of our mission – starting with employees to clients – educating as best we can to create a sustainable landscape. We suggest ways to include natives in landscapes, which cultivates biodiversity: local and native insects, birds, local floral and fauna.”

According to their website, Door Landscape works on both residential and commercial properties throughout Door County. Their services include landscape design, consulting, installation and care.

A newly emerged Monarch Butterfly rests at the Door Landscape Monarch Waystation. Photo by Tim Duquaine.

Orsted moved his landscape company from Santa Cruz, CA to his native Door County in 1999. In 2001, he changed the named of the company to reflect his “vision of shifting the company’s focus to creating landscapes in harmony with Door County’s native plant communities in order to provide clients with sustainable, low maintenance landscapes with increased biodiversity appropriate to their surroundings.”

According to Orsted, the butterfly gardens on the Door Landscape property is a Monarch Waystation, certified by Door Landscape has created a number of Monarch Waystations throughout the county, including Main Street Market’s in Egg Harbor, which won the previous Wild Ones award.

Past recipients of the award include The Clearing and Horseshoe Bay Golf Course.

“We‘ve got some people in mind for next year,” said Sigmann.

The Door County Chapter of Wild Ones offers a variety of public programs throughout the peninsula – everything from demonstrations to lectures to hands-on educational experiences. Sigmann joined the organization 10 years ago and said, “We are always welcoming of new members, and attendance during the winter months is definitely up – especially February.”

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