Door Shakespeare Pre-Shows

Celebrate the legacy of William Shakespeare by gathering with friends and family for a lively and interactive pre-show discussion at Door Shakespeare.

Led by artistic director Michael Stebbins, Will In The Woods allows the audience to get a bit closer to the centuries-old history and tradition of Shakespeare’s work by introducing the evening’s performance, discussing themes of the play, relating historical references to the work, and providing insight to the production process. Will In The Woods is ideal for theatre lovers interested in learning more about the play prior to the performance.

Will In The Woods is scheduled once a week throughout the Door Shakespeare season with discussions alternating between Much Ado About Nothing and The Comedy of Errors. Dates for Much Ado About Nothing include July 11, 25, and Aug. 8. The Comedy of Errors discussions are held on July 17, 31, and Aug. 14.

Discussions begin at 6:30 pm with performances following at 7:30 pm. Call 920.839.1500 to register for this free program and purchase tickets. For more information visit

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