Door Steps


Use these tips and ideas to reduce, reuse, and recycle – saving energy and minimizing your carbon footprint.


• Share magazine subscriptions and donate read issues


Are you and your roommate or neighbor or best friend reading the same magazine each month? Save some money, and some trees, and share a subscription.


Done reading that issue of Newsweek, O, or National Geographic? Libraries throughout Door County feature tables and boxes to discard those read magazines for another to pick up, take home, and read.


• Sign Up for E-statements


Many companies and billing services offer paperless e-statements, sent to your email. Reduce paper waste by receiving e-statements and pay bills online. And remember to print only necessary documents (and if you can, print on the blank side of scrap paper)!


• No peeking!


When we ‘window shop’ for a mid-afternoon snack, the open refrigerator loses cool air. Now the refrigerator has to bring the temperature back to normal, wasting energy and increasing your bills. Think about what you want before browsing.


Checking on the cookies? Check quickly – cooking temperatures can drop as much as 50º every time the oven door is opened, causing the oven to reheat.


• Replace Old Refrigerators


Forget going vintage, a 1980s-era refrigerator will cost up to 75 percent more to operate than a new super-efficient model.


• Move Your Body


Use a shovel instead of a snowblower, ride a bicycle instead of a motorcycle, take a walk instead of a drive, paddle a canoe instead of steering a motorboat – not only do these activities give you a workout, they save valuable resources.


• Go Green and Make a Fashion Statement


Instead of using ‘paper or plastic,’ try using reusable bags. Not only are you reducing waste, you’re looking good! Find trendy bags at


• Unplugged


To reduce wasted energy, unplug appliances, such as your computer, power strips, cell phone chargers, and coffee makers, when they are not in use.


• Use Reusable Mugs and Bottles


When you stop for your morning coffee or want water within reach all day – use reusable mugs and bottles. You have no trash to throw away and you will save money! It’s a win-win!


• Don’t Dump, Donate!


There is no need to toss out old clothes, furniture, and household items – hold a rummage sale or donate unwanted items to your local thrift store. Donate your old towels to a local animal shelter, old toys to a local children center, old books to a local library, and old art supplies to a local school.