Door Tran Awarded 2015 STAR Award Honorable Mention

The National Volunteer Transportation Center, an initiative of the Community Transportation Association of America, has awarded Door-Tran’s Veteran and County-Wide Volunteer Transportation Programs as an Honorable Mention 2015 STAR Award. In early 2016, a review team of 17 professionals in transportation, volunteerism, and aging was convened by the National Volunteer Transportation Center (NVTC) to select winners of the 2015 STAR Awards for volunteer transportation service delivery. The awards are intended to recognize outstanding volunteer transportation programs and enable winners to continue the involvement of their volunteer drivers in promoting and providing transportation services. The formal announcement and recognition of award winners will take place at the CTAA (Community Transportation Association of America) EXPO in Portland, Oregon in May 2016. For more information visit

Door-Tran Mobility Manager Pam Busch thanks all of the volunteer drivers and Kim Gilson, Door Tran’s volunteer coordinator, for getting people where they need to go. For more information about Door-Tran visit

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